myLoot: Slayer Bundle


We have a deadly new deal available for you, just in time to face the dark forces of Halloween night!

From October 29 to November 5, an exclusive bundle featuring the Slayer class will be available from myLoot. Alongside access to the lethal slayer class, you will also receive the Slayer’s legendary Demon weapon “Sarn’s Rage”, topping it off with 1,450 Victor’s Medals to further enhance your killing capabilities!

  • Slayer Class Unlock x1
  • Legendary Weapon “Sarn’s Rage” x1
  • Victor’s Medals x1,450


The Slayer is a swift and cunning assassin, utilizing stealth tactics to slip by their targets undetected only to leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Wielding twin chain blades, shuriken, and smoke bombs, the Slayer can move in to effectively execute their enemies, or make a deft escape if things get too dicey.

Don’t miss out! Take control of the Slayer today!