Introducing Trophy Boosters!

With the release of the latest Skyforge update, all Directives can grant Trophy Boosters as rewards. These new items allow you to improve certain cards in the Hall of Trophies, and are designed to help players more easily catch up on their cards without wasting Victor’s Medals!

When activated, a Trophy Booster will improve one random card with the lowest rank that grants ‘Might from Cathedral’ or ‘Might from Tower’. Each new rank will increase the amount of power received from the corresponding building (the Cathedral and the Tower of Knowledge respectively) in the capital.

If you have yet to improve any of your cards, you will be able to earn up to 54 Trophy Boosters. In this case, it will take up to 48 days to achieve maximum catch-up. The higher your cards rank at the moment, the faster you will get to the maximum!

Trophy Boosters can be used on the following cards:

Card Names
Card Names
1 Countdown
2 Wardens of Elements
3 Cloud City
4 Scouting in Tangria
5 Grand Prix Prototype 1
6 Law and Order
7 Habitat
8 Heart of the Griffin
9 Ancient Ice Mysteries
10 All for Science I

Trophy boosters Catch-up will increase based on the current generation of the invasion.

At the time of the article the generation and catch-up are as follows:

Platform Generation Catch-up Cap
PC 28 54
PS4 22 43
Xbox 18 31

This new innovation will give you speed and strength to face the Demon Invasion that is currently ravaging Aelion, and perhaps even the wicked Avatar Nihaz himself!