Demon Invasion: New Invasion Pass & Epic Rewards!

The Demon Invasion has begun! Nihaz has summoned his army to Aelion, and it’s going to take the powers of every Immortal to send them to hell. Give no sympathy to the devils as you conquer brand-new Seasonal Challenges, and earn fiery new loot like the Revenant Armor, the Conqueror of Darkness Halo and Bracelet, the Shere Khan Combat Device (a new Combat Mount imbued with dark tech), and a Companion to fight alongside.


Shere Khan Combat Device – Click here to view the 3D model.

20 exclusive rewards are available through the Demon Invasion Pass, and you’ll instantly unlock the Astral Star Wings when you buy it in-game!

Invasion card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: PC: 28
Xbox: 18
PS4: 22
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 725,000
PS4: 460,000
Xbox: 375,000
PC: 615,000
PS4: 415,000
Xbox: 317,500
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 265
PS4: 220
Xbox: 200
PC: 250
PS4: 210
Xbox: 180
Maximum rank of the Stronghold PC: 220
PS4: 220
Xbox: 181
PC: 210
PS4: 210
Xbox: 170


Defend Aelion. Level up. Unlock epic loot. Seasonal Challenges are a progression system where you complete special challenges to earn points. As you earn points, you can unlock up to 20 levels of special rewards throughout the Demon Invasion, including exclusive items available for a limited time only!

Seasonal Challenges are divided into Easy, Normal, and Hard categories, and more will be unlocked as the Invasion progresses (in the first, third, and fifth weeks). You can earn more points when you complete certain challenges within the first few days of each stage, so check back often to blaze through the Seasonal Challenges and Invasion Pass even faster!

The Avatar of the Demon Invasion is Nihaz, the hellish, many-headed general of the Demon army. Defeat the dark beast when he arrives during the Invasion’s third week to claim his Avatar Trophy! You can collect more Trophies to unlock Divine Aspects, and complete challenges as they appear to earn more points and Invasion rewards. The Invasion Atlas and Nightmare Challenges will also serve as a challenge to more seasoned Immortals – progress to earn Demon Eidos and unlock special bonuses!



The Demon Invasion features up to 20 levels of rewards. 10 levels of rewards can be unlocked for free, and you can earn a further 10 levels of premium rewards with the Invasion Pass. Here are some of the rewards you’ll be fighting for throughout the Demon Invasion:

  • Conqueror of Darkness Halo and Bracelet (Level 6): Make your fight for the light fashionable!
  • Revenant Armor (Level 10): Defy death in this dark attire.
  • Shere Khan Combat Device (Level 14): Developed by Aelion’s finest engineers, this mechanical tiger will fight alongside you to suppress enemy forces.
  • Kora, ‘Conqueror of Darkness’ Player Title, Portrait Frame, and more (Level 20): Top Demon slayers will be rewarded with a new Companion (Kora), a title of recognition, plus lots of Argents, Credits, and Victor’s Medals.

For a limited time only, save 20% on the Invasion Pass when you purchase a seasonal subscription in-game. You’ll also unlock the cosmically splendid Astral Star Wings as an instant reward!

  • Normal price: 19,500 Argents
  • With 20% discount: 15,600 Argents

A one-time fee can be paid to instantly unlock all rewards and Seasonal Challenges, though this unlock can only be purchased in-game just before the end of the Invasion. Please keep an eye on the Skyforge website for news on when you can purchase this instant unlock!

NOTE: If you already own any of the rewards, you will instead receive 1,000 Victor’s Medals.


With the new Invasion comes another PvP Season! Fight other Immortals to earn anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000 Victor’s Medals depending on your league. Placement in the Silver League will reward you with a uniquely colored Costume. If it’s your first season, you can also unlock an exclusive Companion and Costume by reaching the Gold and Diamond leagues respectively!

Exorcise your right to give these Demons hell. Defeat Nihaz and his army by fighting the Demon Invasion today!