Invasion Pass Progress Sale - October 29

The Demon invasion has been hard fought! Aelion once again proves victorious in repelling the hostile threats and all Demon invasion forces are expected to withdraw within a few weeks’ time.

This Invasion saw the introduction of the new Invasion Pass system, where one can claim unique and exclusive rewards for participating in the Invasion and completing various challenges. Let’s face it though; some of those challenges are pretty - well, challenging! As the Invasion season concludes maybe you’re falling just short of one or two of the Invasion Pass prizes you desire? Well no worries, because we’ve got you covered! For the final weeks of the Invasion (October 29 to November 11) we will be having a special sale where you can purchase your progress towards your Invasion Pass with Argents. Aside from game currency, Premium subscription, and chests with equipment, completing the challenges of the current invasion will bring you a unique Divine Aspect Khelb-Tal, Astral Star Wings, a demonic Trewang, a Conqueror of Darkness bracelet, and a Hero Armor of a demonic color.

Progress Points Price
1 30 18,000 Argents
2 60 33,000 Argents
3 100 50,000 Argents

You’ve fought diligently and earned your prizes Immortals!


Divine Aspect Khelb-Tal (♀️) – Click here to view the 3D model.


Divine Aspect Khelb-Tal (♂️) – Click here to view the 3D model.

Best stay on guard though; as greater threats may be just around the corner...