Isir and Kon Packs now available!


The Isir and Kon packs are now available on the in-game market! These new monk and knight weapons packs come with generation 18 equipment, ready to rock for the new season of reapers invasion!

Battle Vanguard Pack

Pack Content
1 Isir, Might of the Heavens

medals 4000 Victor's Medals

stims 10 Stimulants

knight Access to the Knight class

Total Unity Pack

Pack Content
2 Kon, Ancient Knowledge

credits 300.000 Credits

premium7 7 days Premium subscription

koe 3000 Knowledge of Enemies

monk Access to the Monk class

Legendary weapon abilities

Isir, Might of the Heavens

Endurance is increased by 40%. Finishing combo attacks and using abilities that consume Willpower grant the Knight a chance to gain Vanguard charges. You can have up to 3 charges at a time. Each charge increases the capacity of shields applied to the Knight by 15%.
During Resolute Rebuff, 3-6 energy waves are summoned (the number depends on the Vanguard charges consumed when the ability is activated). Each wave deals X damage to a random nearby enemy and enemies around them while also slowing them down by 75% for 2 seconds.

Kon, Ancient Knowledge

Fusion Strike is used without cooldown but requires three elemental spheres to activate. You can get these spheres by finishing combo attacks, which will absorb the temporary effect of the active stance.
Fusion Strike will grant additional effects for every elemental sphere:

  • Each Earth Sphere restores 10% of the Monk’s maximum health.
  • Fire Sphere makes affected enemies 15% more vulnerable to damage from the Monk’s attacks for 10 seconds.
  • Wind Sphere restores 2 companion charges.

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Happy shopping!