Judgement Packs & Racing Outfit Sale!

From establishing your supreme rule to just enjoying a nice day out, we’ve prepared some options for your summer enjoyment!

Judgement Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time-limited Judgement Packs which come in three variations – Wrathful Arbiter, Merciful Patron, and the Judgement Combo Pack!

Are you resolute in your decisions & are the only one that can fairly judge others? Perhaps your heart is filled with kindness and your adepts say your name with both awe and reverence? Prove yourself to be a Wrathful Arbiter or a Merciful Patron – The choice is yours!

Wrathful Arbiter Pack Merciful Patron Pack Judgement Combo Pack
Daunting Punisher Armor Costume
& Headwear
Impartial Justice Armor Costume
& Headwear
Wrathful Arbiter Pack
Extirpator of Vermin Costume
& Headwear
Merciful Protector Armor Costume
& Headwear
Merciful Patron Pack
30 Days Premium Account Status 25,000 Argents
750,000 Credits 7,000 Ether Cores
7,000 Spark Replicators 2,500 Enhancement Stones
1,000 Victor’s Medals 1,500 Holy Texts

To view the complete details or to purchase the Judgement Packs, visit our dedicated Judgement Packs page.

The Judgement Packs will be available until August 24th!


Racing Outfit Sale

Your chosen article of clothing is more important than you’d think – It can signify intentions, occupation, or even status. Aelion is no exception so, with that in mind, you better prepare to expand your wardrobe!

From August 10th until August 17th, you can prepare to leave your opponents in the dust with our Racing Outfit Sale! From pit-crew member to racer to general cruiser - no matter your racing persona you'll find the perfect threads for you!


Item Discount Price Argents Discount
Red Mechanic Overalls 3000 25%
Racer Costume 3000 25%
Racer Helmet 1500 25%
Biker Costume Collection 2250 10%


Remember, this apparel will only be available until August 17th – Don’t miss your chance!