The Knight – Unwavering Defenders

In a time when Aelion was slipping into complete despair, both its citizens and newly awakened Immortals alike needed a shining light to guide them through the dark times. Many fell to the enemy’s hand and, despite being an extremely unfortunate circumstance, may have been just what was needed. Swearing their allegiance to Aelion’s permanent well-being, these Knight’s raised their shield high and made a solemn vow that not a single soul at their command would ever be lost again. - Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Today, we’re excited to present the Knight, Aelion’s most unwavering defender! Through complete defensive domination and control of their foe, the Knight is capable of effortlessly keeping the heat off of any of ally.

A Knight’s fortitude knows no bounds as they use their very own Willpower to perform various attacks and defensive abilities. The Knight’s weapon of choice is their magnificent spear and sturdy shield, an ideal combination for those whose sworn duty is the protection of all those who seek their aid. Along with this, the Knight commands his loyal pet falcon to hinder or directly damage his target, providing them no peace even from a distance.

Knights are one of Skyforge’s Tank classes and as such possess an interesting selection of abilities that not just prevent damage, but can send it back at the fool who dared to pick a fight with such a dangerous opponent. The most prominent ability for this feature is Barrier, which provides a permanent damage reduction when active. Using the second level of this ability amplifies it by absorbing more damage while even reflecting a portion of it back! Reflection is not exclusive to this ability either, as Resolute Rebuff can be used to absorb all incoming damage before erupting it outwards, devastating nearby enemies.

Skyforge Knight Class 2

As a Tank role, control and mobility is important. The Knight, overall, isn’t nearly as mobile as some of their counterparts but instead have interesting options to catch up to fleeing opponents or prevent them from running at all. For instance, the second level of the Havoc ability will pull surrounding enemies towards the Knight while simultaneously slowing their movement speed for a few seconds. For fleeing foes or navigation of the battlefield the Knight can sacrifice two of their Dash charges to activate the Battering Ram ability which sends them forward at high speeds. While Battering Ram does inflict damage at the end of the run, Knight’s primarily use it for battlefield navigation to quickly travel where they’re needed the most!

Basic Abilities

Spear AttackSpear Attack (LMB): First strike in the basic combo which inflicts damage.

Battering RamBattering Ram (RMB): Inflicts damage to all enemies in front of the Knight, activating impulse charge if at least one target is hit. Holding down the button causes the Knight to charge forward, delivering an attack at the end of the run. Requires 2 Dash charges.

Smashing StrikeSmashing Strike (LMB + LMB): Inflicts damage to the target; Pack monsters will be knocked down.

Crushing BlowCrushing Blow (LMB + LMB + LMB): Inflicts damage to the enemy and those around them. Restores Willpower and activates Impulse charge.

Stray AttackStray Attack (LMB + RMB): Inflicts damage to several enemies in front of the Knight.

Knight’s Tip: Do not neglect your basic combos during combat if possible. You can greatly amplify the potential damage they deal, making you a valuable asset for both defense and damage.

Other Abilities

Falcon AttackFalcon Attack: The Knight sends his Falcon to attack the target, increasing the damage inflicted by the Knight for a few seconds.

Resolute RebuffResolute Rebuff: The Knight absorbs all incoming damage as long as they remain still (up to 3 seconds). Upon leaving this defensive stance the Knight erupts, damaging all nearby enemies and forcing them to attack the Knight.

Knight’s Tip: Resolute Rebuff is one of your greatest tools. Use it when you have the attention of large groups and watch them foolishly destroy themselves.

Barrier 1&2Barrier I/II: A defensive stance which reduces all incoming damage by 25% while reducing the regeneration rate of Willpower. Barrier II adds an additional feature that causes the barrier to last longer when using abilities that require Willpower, absorb twice as much damage, and reflect half of the absorbed damage back at the enemy.

WhiplashWhiplash (Ultimate Ability): Upon receiving what would be a fatal blow for weaker beings, the Knight enters a state that provides them with a brief window to activate Whiplash before falling. Activating this ability completely regenerates the Knight’s health and inflicts damage to nearby enemies.

Knight’s Tip: Due to its long cool-down time, you may only have one opportunity to use Whiplash during most conflicts, especially PvP Battles. Using it during a round you have no way to win may result in a total game loss for your team. While using it when your team mates have a chance to win without you may end up wasting it for later. Use it wisely!

We have listed only a few of the Knight’s abilities. A full detailed list can be found within the Classes tab on the Aelinet.

Skyforge Knight Class 1

The Knight provides complete battlefield control in the form of being a nearly unstoppable force. A skilled Knight has no problems taking on multiple attackers, diverting attention, and even slaying the opponents themselves when deemed necessary. Very few can stand against the Knight, and in PvP situations may find themselves completely outmatched if forced to attack them alone. The Knight never falters, always keeping their shield held high and their spear at the ready. Any player who enjoys being at the point of the charge will certainly find comfort in the Knight’s raw defensive capabilities.

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