The Monk – Tranquil Warrior

Settling within the mountains, far beyond technology’s grip on Aelion, an ancient martial order continues to train and hone their skills. These Monks study the various elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire, learning the complex intricacies bestowed upon their tangible forms. Once mastered, they are trained in the ways of combat, implementing the elemental forces in to each of their devastating blows. – Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Today, we’re excited to discuss the Monk, Aelion’s tranquil warriors! Joining forces with the elements that surround us all, the Monk puts on an acrobatic display of deadly power.
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Monks are trained in the ways of the elemental infused combat, utilizing various stances and their extending staff to pull off a large array of nimble movements. This leaves their opponents stunned, both figuratively and beyond, as the Monk lets loose rapid strikes on their target’s vital areas!
Quite commonly found spread across Aelion’s most remote regions, Monks are trained in an art of combat some see as impractical & old fashioned yet they are always seen alongside Aelion’s greatest protectors. It is due to their strict discipline that they can achieve such great feats without relying on the technology that is becoming much more prevalent within the ranks of Aelion’s armies. Never the less, when the skies fill with invading ships and their shadows cloak the temples in darkness, the Monks put aside their attempts at a peaceful existence to defend the poor inhabitants of the nearby farms and villages.

The Monk is easily one of Skyforge’s more complicated classes, requiring complete understanding of its different stances, their uses, and how to keep your opponents constantly against the ropes. Encompassing the spirit of Earth, a Monk is capable of inflicting significant force onto his opponent, causing severe, as well as delayed, injuries while knocking them off their feet. Unleashing the unquenchable rage that lies within the flame, the Monk sets all who surround him ablaze in a torrent of fire. Through meditation, the Monk calls upon the wind for aid, infusing himself with speed and agility very few can equally match. Through these three stances, the Monk is capable of maintaining his composure when faced with nearly any enemy or situation.
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Earth StanceEarth Stance: Switching to Earth Stance provides a temporary effect that makes earth attacks more effective, applies the defensive buff Stone Skin to the Monk, and the final hit in any combo will apply the Hidden Trauma effect which inflicts additional damage after a short delay. Earth Stance focuses on single target damage and Stuns abilities.

Agressive LungeAggressive Lunge (RMB): The Monk lunges forward, knocking down enemies few seconds.

Fire StanceFire Stance: Switching to Fire Stance provides a temporary effect that makes fire attacks more effective and any combo attack will inflict higher damage. Fire Stance is ideal at taking out large groups of enemies.

PhoenixHeart of a Phoenix (RMB): Encompassing themselves in flame, the Monk deals damage (which increases per each opponent next to the Monk) to nearby enemies

Wind StanceWind Stance: Switching to Wind Stance provides a temporary effect that makes wind attacks more effective and increases their movement speed. Wind Stance is used for high mobility attacks and functions both as a defensive and offensive tool.

Rapid StreamRapid Stream (RMB): The Monk sprints at the target, jumping into the air and delivering a dangerous kick.

Monk’s Tip: You may fare better if you focus on using two stances at a time instead of all three, as this allows using more Talents & Combos that compliment specific stances rather than scattering it across all three. Remember, different stances and attacks are significantly better in different environments.


Stone PalmStone Palm: The Monk quickly strikes the enemy with the force of stone, inflicting massive damage

Burning StaffBurning Staff: The Monk sets his staff ablaze, striking the ground to damage nearby enemies. If enough enemies are effected, the ground begins to burn and inflict additional damage.

Wind CatcherWind Catcher: The Monk calls upon the wind to increase their movement speed, increase their dash distance, and make themselves invulnerable to immobilizing & slowing effects.

Fusion StrikeFusion Strike (Ultimate Ability): The Monk manifests the power of the elements into a physical form, sending three massive blows towards surrounding enemies.

Monk’s Tip: Unlike the majority of classes, the Monk does not have any abilities to choose from. Instead, you choose which combo attacks are available for use with the abilities themselves being usable when that stance is active. Be sure to experiment to see which combo attacks better fit your desired playstyle!

We have listed only a few of the Monk’s abilities. A full detailed list can be found within the Classes tab on the Aelinet.
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Devoting your life to the ways of the Monk is not an easy road to travel. Setting foot on this path is a commitment that, while challenging, those dedicated individuals who fully embrace the ways of the Monk will see what true power lies within their peaceful nature. Their interesting combat mechanics allow a Monk to dominate a battle, completely controlling the momentum of the fight, trapping challengers within their rhythm. Unleash relentless combos on your opponent or lunge from afar and quickly retreat, only to strike again! Regardless of your journey, may you achieve true tranquility in your actions.

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