Labor Day Sale!

It’s important to take some time to relax after a day of hard work and Labor Day provides the perfect chance to appreciate your contribution to the future prosperity of Aelion. In celebration of this upcoming holiday we’re offering two new wondrous additions to your ever expanding wardrobe - the Demin/Picnic and Cowboy Costumes!

For those seeking a nice casual weekend, we have for you the Denim(M) & Picnic(F) outfits to ensure your time around the grill is the epitome of comfortable. Looking for something a little more rugged? We’ve got you covered there too! Slip into your Cowboy Costume, mount up, and ride into the sunset!

These costumes will be available for a very limited time between Friday, September 4th and Monday, September 7th!

Skyforge Denim Picnic Fashion Skyforge Cowboy Fashion

Skyforge Denim Female Skyforge Cowboy Male

Both costumes can be purchased from the in-game market via the “Costumes” tab (“N”) using either Argents or Credits.

Price Argents Price Credits
1 000 each costume 168 000 each costume

Skyforge Fashion Icons

  • Once the purchase of your Costume is completed, you will immediately receive it in your Inventory. (Shortcut: “I”)
  • Double-click on the costumes Icon within your Inventory to unlock it in your Style Room
  • To equip your new threads, click on its icon within your Style Room and press Save
  • Enjoy the weekend!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – Pick up the latest fashion for the coming weekend!