Last Chance to get your Commander Packs!

Are you prepared to lead the troops into battle as an unwavering Knight in Skyforge, then put down the shield for a much more effective and modern tank experience? Then the Commander’s Packs have you covered with Premium Account time for Armored Warfare on top of all the beneficial items and unique costumes for use in Skyforge!

The Commander Packs will be available for purchase until tomorrow, May 13th, at 8am PDT and are available in three variations: Sergeant Pack, Lieutenant Pack, and the Commander Combo Pack.

Sergeant Pack Lieutenant Pack Commander Combo Pack
Impregnable Defense Armor Darkest Hour Superglider Sergeant Pack
3 Unique Helmets Fearless Leader Attire Lieutenant Pack
30 Days Premium Skyforge 3 Unique Helmets 30 Days Premium Armored Warfare
750,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
2,000 Spark Replicators 5,000 Spark Replicators
1,000 Victor’s Medals 2,500 Ether Cores
3 Days Premium Armored Warfare 1,000 Holy Texts
200 Secret Knowledge
7 Days Premium Armored Warfare

To view the complete details or to purchase the Commander Packs, visit our dedicated Commander Packs Page.

Skyforge Commander Packs