MY.GAMES Market: Puppy Power Box & High Tech Box!

Have you been shopping at MY.GAMES Market yet? It’s your one-stop shop for all the best deals on in-game items and bundles for MY.GAMES titles, including Skyforge. Today, we’re proud to introduce two new boxes to MY.GAMES Market: the Puppy Power and High Tech Boxes!

The Puppy Power Box may include two new colors for the loyal Shibu Inu Companion, Max. Whether Blue or Pink, he’s totally adorable! Another highlight is the Cromack Companion, ready to spread its wings and help you on your adventures!

The High Tech Box is surging with the power of bleeding edge items! This Box randomly grants items like the stylish Neon Super Glider, the spherical Qi-Mi Companion, and the impressive Heavy Power Armor Suit. This high tech gear will help you stand out when battling evil on Aelion!

The contents of these Boxes will remain the same until you make a purchase – they will then refresh, and you’ll be able to get a totally new one.

Each Box randomly contains one of the listed items:
pup Puppy Power Box tech High Tech Box
MaxBlue Loyal Max (Blue Shiba Inu Companion) hpas Heavy Power Armor Suit (Costume)
MaxPink Loyal Max (Pink Shiba Inu Companion) neon Neon Super Glider
Cromack Gold Color Option for Cromack qi Qi-Mi (Companion)
repli 100 Eidos Replicators repli 100 Eidos Replicators
vm 20,000 Victor's Medals vm 20,000 Victor's Medals
repli 10 Eidos Replicators repli 10 Eidos Replicators
mok 100 Marks of the King mok 450 Marks of the King
mos 100 Marks of the Sage mos 450 Marks of the Sage
moj 100 Marks of the Judge moj 450 Marks of the Judge
moa 100 Marks of the Assassin moa 450 Marks of the Assassin
vm 500 Victor's Medals vm 500 Victor's Medals
koe 3,000 Knowledge of Enemies koe 3,000 Knowledge of Enemies
argents 2,000 Argents argents 2,000 Argents
argents 400 Argents argents 400 Argents
vm 200 Victor's Medals vm 200 Victor's Medals
credits 50,000 Credits credits 50,000 Credits
da Divine Amulet da Divine Amulet
smiley1 Smiley 1 smiley1 Smiley 1
gift Expensive Gift gift Expensive Gift
hol Halo of Love hol Halo of Love
flamesofkir Flames of Kir flamesofkir Flames of Kir

Grab a Puppy Power or High Tech Box from MY.GAMES Market while you can!