Last Chance to get your Love Packs

Immortals – Valentine's Day may long be over but there is still a hint of love in the air, so don't miss out on your last chance at love via our Love Pack, which is available until Monday, March 7th at 5pm CET, and comes in three different variations – Kinetic Pack, Monk Pack, and the Love Pack Combo.

If you need more love, destruction or tranquility in your Skyforge life, then we've got you covered. No matter your preference, each one contains armfuls of goodies to help you rekindle your passion:

Kinetic Pack Monk Pack Love Pack Combo
Instant access to the Kinetic Class Instant access to the Monk Class Kinetic Pack
Unique Kinetic Costume Color Unique Monk Costume Color Monk Pack
Unique Aelinet Title Unique Aelinet Title
Legendary Mainhand &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
Legendary Mainhand &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
30 Days Premium Account Status Cupid wings
500,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
5,000 Spark Replicators 3,000 Victor’s medals
2,500 Ethreal Cores 1,000 Holy Texts

To view the complete details or to purchase the Love Packs, visit our dedicated Love Packs page.