Love Packs 2020

Do you wish to walk the path of the reunited lovers? Potentially you merely seek to rekindle your passion for destruction or find tranquility? If you need more love, destruction or tranquility in your Skyforge life, then we've got you covered. No matter your preference, each one contains armfuls of goodies to help you rekindle your passion:


50 Shades of Love Pack (9,999 Argents) Together Forever Pack (16,999 Argents)
Night Watch Costume Dress Uniform
7 Days of Premium Subscription Robotic Companion Io
12 Stimulants 8,000 Knowledge of Enemies
500,000 Credits 3,000 Victor's Medals


Nine Lives Pack (19,999 Argents) Predatory Instincts Pack (22,999 Argents)
Cat companion Nekis Predator Mask
Black Overall Set of Tattoos, Cat Eyes
Tail & Fluffy Ears accessory 300,000 Credits, 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies
1,500 Victor's Medals Stylist Services Coupon


Till Death Do Us Part Pack (22,999 Argents) For Better or Worse (22,999 Argents)
Elina Attire and Claudius Uniform Evening Dress and Service Dress Uniform
Dark Wings Pan-Pan Bear Companion
21 Days of Premium Subscription 1,500,000 Credits
1,500,000 Credits, 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies, 10 Stimulants 6,000 Victor's Medals

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!


These special packs will only be available during the event (from February 11 to February 25), don't wait for too long!