Mysteries of Love 2020


One of the most romantic holidays is starting on Aelion: Mysteries of Love. Forget the war for a few moments, and rise above troubles.

Participate in the festivities from February 11 to 10:00 on March 3! Help the common people of Aelion and other immortals. Complete holiday challenges, discover mysterious treasures, and purchase festive goods from the Market. Let the magic of love surround you!

Loving couples stroll through the park decorated with garlands and hearts. The people of Aelion send each other cards, declaring their feelings. No one should feel alone during Mysteries of Love. Become a messenger of love and help others find happiness.

Visit the flower show – the Phytonides are hiding among the unique flowers from all over the world. Protect mortals from this threat!

Do these tasks to complete holiday challenges – they will earn you decorations for your character portrait. Visit the Market and take a look at the new holiday goods that can be purchased with Rose Quartz and Argents.

Holiday Tasks

Dark Side of Love

1Something went wrong in one of the laboratories: the subject of a xenobiology experiment went out of control. The subject became suspiciously partial to an immortal. Don't be surprised if you receive bouquets of hostile flowers — the Phytonides express their feelings in a strange way. Defeat them to receive mysterious trophies. They contain Rose Quartz and special surprises (costumes, for example). The bouquets are also the only way the smitten Phytonide can pass you a message. Learn this story!

Beautiful and Dangerous

The Phytonides strike again. Every day from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00, a flower show is held in the park. Unfortunately, it's easy to deceive the adepts that bring in the exhibits, so there are a few unfriendly plants hiding among the regular ones. If you are an immortal, flowers that bite may sound amusing. But for mortals, an attack like this could be fatal.

Messenger of Love

Thais can tell you a lot about love. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Wishes and reality don't always line up, but... that can be remedied! You just need to believe in love and shoot straight. Every day in the park, immortals can become masters of destiny: they can weave together the threads of life and join hearts — they just have to listen carefully and be observant.

Important: When doing this quest, you will be disguised as the Messenger of Love. In this guise, you cannot use shuttles or personal transport. You can terminate it by pressing 1, but if you do that, the quest will be failed. You can get it again from Thais in the park.

Arbiter of Fates

2 3 4

During the Mysteries holiday, the mortals from all around Aelion pray for luck in love to the goddess Thais. But some ask her to help them with a difficult decision. Thais puts all her efforts into helping her followers. But even a goddess cannot do everything herself. When Thais calls you to a secret room, it is the beginning of a story where you will be faced with a difficult choice. This story occurs on certain dates and any immortal on Aelion can participate. The events will unfold gradually. When they end, all Arbiters of Fates who helped the heroes of the love story from start to finish can meet the unique adept Antoine, the Messenger of Love.

Additional Information

  • The Arbiter of Fates quest chain can only be done alone.
  • If there is an active storyline quest requiring a visit to the secret room, priority is given to the storyline quest. Thus, to visit Thais in the secret room, you need to complete the relevant storyline quest first.
  • The quests in this chain become available gradually – log in often if you don't want to miss the new ones.
  • If you were unable to complete this quest last year, you can now continue from where you left off! Characters who have previously completed this chain cannot do it again.

Valentines Day Items

Throughout the duration of the event, you will be able to earn Rose Quartz. Use this currency at the Aelion Event Shop to obtain fantastic costumes and themed items.

Name of Item Price (Rose Quartz)
Set of Rose Quartz Replicators 500
Triffid Spray 500
Enamored Tobi 8,000
Guardian Wings 7,500
Intricate Wings 7,500
Petal Wings 6,500
Wings of Love 6,500
Cloaked Dandy Costume 6,000
Pedant Costume 7,000
Formal Toga 6,000
Evening Clothes (color variant) 7,000
Evening Clothes (color variant) 5,000
Evening Clothes (color variant) 5,000
Elegant Costume 7,000
Desserts and Desire Manual 6,000
Love Message Manual 6,000
Drums Manual 5,000
Contrabass Manual 5,000
Rose Petals 5,000
Colors of Love Hair Dyes 4,000
Exquisite Fantasy Set 4,000
Spring Halo (color variant) 3,500
Spring Halo (color variant) 3,500
Lover's Gaze 2,000
Ether Projector 10
Firework 5

New Rewards in 2020

Holiday Achievements

You can complete 17 challenges during the event – they will earn you decorations for your character portrait.


Mysterious Treasure

Receive special rewards for battling Triffids and completing Squad and Group adventures. During the event, you may find beautiful accessories, costumes, and even a legendary relic among the mysterious trophies.

6 Petal Wings (Pink) Become the spring! These wings will perfectly complement your look in the new season.
7 Spring Halo (White) Hit of the season!
8 Fluffy Ears Accessory You haven't been a cat yet!
9 Valentine's Card The legendary relic will grant incredible bonuses to one of your adepts: +7% to Charisma and +20% to Faith gained.

History of the Holiday

Have you heard the story of the Mysteries of Love holiday? It's more interesting than Thais let on. The thing is, she herself is the reason for many of the events in this story. The Mysteries is a holiday that was born out of defiance. It was a protest against the cruel laws of Pablius Merulius, a leader known as Tyrant and Oppressor. Pablius was a very powerful, but also a deeply traumatized man. His childhood experiences made him fear love and any expression of feelings. He considered love to be some kind of deadly disease, so when he grew up and ascended to the throne, he tried to eliminate it completely.

Many ridiculous laws were adopted in those times: from fines for public displays of affection to bans on heart-shaped cookies. Personal lives became strictly regulated and people did not feel free even in their homes.

But the women of Pablius's harem suffered the most, especially his favorite Thais. Thais really did love Pablius, but she could not express her feelings because it would have cost her life. In the end, despair was stronger than her self-preservation instinct: Thais took a risk and tried to get through to the ruler. She opened her heart to Pablius, but his heart remained locked and guarded.

To prove that Thais was wrong about the "power of love", Pablius publicly punished her. Before the punishment, he said that if her love was that strong, it would save her.

When Thais's breathless body fell to the ground, the crowd began to murmur. Love had long left the lives of the people, and now they suddenly realized how precious it was. A real uprising was brewing, but luckily it did not lead to bloodshed: Thais resurrected in front of everyone and stood before Pablius alive and radiant. The miracle and the huge armed mob were enough to change Pablius's views on love. He cancelled all his laws, renounced his throne and only wanted one thing then - to become Thais's first follower. Thais refused because she never forgave him. However, a great holiday was created on that day to mark the end of the Tyrant's rule - the Holiday of Love which lasts a few weeks. During that time, anyone who desires it can find their true love. It would be more appropriate to call the holiday the Rising of Thais, but our modest goddess does not like to be reminded of that.

-Pria the Impartial

This Valentine's Day, love may be everywhere, but it is in the hearts and souls of the Immortals of Aelion that we want it to be felt the most.

We wish you a pleasant celebration! <3