Love Story Packs: On Sale!

Valentine's Day may be over but true love never dies, Immortals! That's why we have amazing deals heading your way for those who wish to look the part or are still searching for love.

From February 16th to March 2nd, these wonderful collectible sets will be available for you to enjoy.


From tried and trusted outfits suitable for bachelors and bachelorettes, to bittersweet costumes that have harrowing, tragic backstories based on the darker side of love. There is also companionship in the form of Pan-Pan, a playful bear-cub from the island of Naori. Whilst love can be fleeting, Pan-Pan's loyalty is unending, choosing to follow you on your adventures across Aelion without question or hesitation, ensuring you always have company no matter the situation!


Are you willing to relive a past tragedy and give it the happy ending it deserves? Then consider the “Till Death Do Us Part” pack, containing two exclusive costumes based on an old Aelion love-story, alongside an impressive pair of dark wings and chock-full of other valuable goodies to treat yourself with.

Want to hear the less tragic side of the tale? Then get your hands on the “For Better Or Worse” pack for a bright and breezy costume-combo, precious currencies, and the loyal and lovable companion – Pan-Pan – who is ready to follow you wherever you choose to go!


Should you choose to relive both sides of the legend and wish to get your hands on both packs at once, you'll net yourself a 15% discount compared to the individual pack-purchase, effectively saving you more than 50% on items you receive from these packs.


Missed last year’s Valentine’s Sale? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Love Packs are making a brief return (with a maximum discount of 25%) for those who missed out on past costumes or the precious and elusive white cupid wings. Looking for instant access to the Monk or Kinetic class to boot? Then this pack is perfect for you.

Happy shopping, Immortal!