March of Knowledge: The Astral Journey begins!

The games are over. The time has come to move on to the most serious stage of the season. Tournament participants are ready to launch Hyperion - a giant satellite that will have the power to change Aelion, spreading incredible strength effects among all the protectors of the planet. In addition, Pantheons will have the opportunity to explore new technology! Now any player from a Pantheon can take part in the Pantheon War Tournaments.


Hyperion will very soon be launched into Aelion's orbit, bringing with it 6 special modules that have beneficial effects. What the modules are will be decided by the participants of the strongest Pantheons that earn the top Space Program rankings. They will decide what benefits the satellite provides.



When the first Tournament season ends, Hyperion will be launched into orbit with the modules built by the members of the three winning Pantheons. The Pantheon that achieves third place can add one of its modules, the Pantheon that comes second can add two and the winning Pantheon can install all three of the modules it activated.

Only the characters that are members of the Pantheon that installed a module can use the effects it provides for free. Everyone else will have to pay a small fee for the rights to the bonuses provided by the desired module.

The fact that the modules only start working after the satellite has been launched into orbit does not mean they do not have their benefits now. Every activated module increases the amount of primary energy received by a Pantheon by 5%. Considering that you can activate 3 modules, the bonus is considerable enough to provide an advantage in the fight for the main prize.


As well as Hyperion, Pantheon members get the chance to explore technology, which has different effects, at the start of the Astral Journey. This technology will not just be of benefit to the Pantheons fighting for first place, it will also enable other players to receive advantages.

Among the bonuses provided are an increase in primary energy and the duration of divine form in fights for regions, one off provision of a large amount of primary energy and many other beneficial effects.


To explore the technology you need development resources and any Pantheon member can participate in obtaining these (players from the main group and those in the academy) as they are obtained in regular adventures. The longer and more difficult the adventure, the more resources you can receive. In addition, the amount of currency depends on character prestige. The higher the prestige, the more development resources the adventure will bring.

Technology exploration is split into levels:

  • Level 1 — 200 000 Development Resources
  • 2 — 400,000
  • 3 — 800,000
  • 4 — 1 200,000
  • 5 — 1 600,000
  • 6 — 2 000,000

PvP Protection

Once the technology level has been explored, commanders can select one of three available bonuses. You cannot activate more than one level bonus.

This is where it gets really interesting, immortals! The Astral Journey enables the bravest and most determined gods to fight for first place in the Space Program rankings, not just to determine who Hyperion will belong to, but also to win over $19000 USD, collected thanks to the Special Contribution of players. May the strongest win!

We recommend that those who do not yet know what Pantheon Tournaments are, watch the Skyforge Pantheon Wars trailer.

Enjoy watching!