March of Knowledge: Patch Notes

March of Knowledge, our next major content update for Skyforge, is going live on February 10th. While we’ve highlighted some of our features such as the Laboratory and Legendary Ancient Rings, so much more awaits you!

• Tired of all that right clicking when dissembling your haul of goods after a long night of protecting Aelion? (You'll now have access to a convenient mode for disassembling items!)
• Having issues supporting your teammates on certain keys because you're not an octopus? (Group members can now be rearranged between the F keys to suit your preference!)
• Always wondered how well your opposition was fairing in a battle? (The Battle Statistics screen will display the skills used and damage inflicted by your opponents!)

Skyforge Laboratory 4

Check out all of the upcoming additions, fixes, and various improvements now!

The March of Knowledge Patchnotes Await!