Reapers’ Revenge Release Moving to April 26th

Today, we’re here to announce that the release of the upcoming Reapers’ Revenge update has been moved from its previous April 20th release date to April 26th.

We’d like to, first of all, apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our players who were more than excited for changes that were planned to arrive. However, moving the update another week is required for some interesting developments regarding something we’re not quite able to talk about yet, but you’ll learn more about it in the near future!

If you missed it, don't forget to catch the latest news about Reapers’ Revenge:

Distortion Vectors

We’ll be introducing 4 new vectors, each of which will provide an increase to Prestige and Stamina as well as one of the following statistics: Strength, Luck, Valor, & Spirit.

Skyforge Distortions Vectors 1

Mount Upgrades

You will have the opportunity to develop the capabilities of their beloved pet or strengthen the internal workings of their mechanical transports!

Skyforge Mount Upgrades 1

New Adventure Search Interface

We are implementing certain changes to improve the adventure search process. These improvements will result in the Adventure interface becoming much clearer and user friendly!

Skyforge New Adventure Search Interface 3

With the extra wait time, we wanted to provide a little something to hold everyone over until the 26th somehow. Here are a few select entries from the Reapers’ Revenge Patch Notes for your viewing pleasure:

  • Gorgonide and Reaper of Death Atlases have been expanded. (This includes new Major Invasion Symbols too!).
  • Characters will no longer dismount when activating the Divine Panel using the Alt key or when connecting to the globe in the Divine Observatory.
  • Bonuses provided by Vectors in the Ascension Atlas are now linked to individual classes. Changing classes will automatically switch vectors to those previously selected for it. (Adepts assigned to Provinces will follow this ruleset as well!).

The Skyforge team thanks everyone for your patience & support in regards to this matter.