Gunner Class Guide

The heavily armed Gunner is a long-range fighter class that uses a cannon with three different firing modes—mini-gun, plasma rifle, and missile launcher. Each mode has its strengths depending on the situation, so you might have to get a bit tactical.

The mini-gun opens fire and decimates enemies with a hail of bullets, but is prone to overheating. That may be a recipe for disaster for other guns, but not this one—simply switch to the plasma rifle, which consumes the heat generated as it fires. When the heat is depleted, you can switch to the missile launcher which has the longest range and fires explosive rockets. It requires you to be stationary, so be careful!



Heat is the key! Always keep your heat up with Rapid Fire even if you’re not fighting any enemies so that you can initiate encounters with Plasma Rifle Mode and trap the enemy in Plasma Field. Keep up your onslaught with Pulse Shot and finish tougher enemies off with Plasma Stream (hold down RMB).

When fighting bosses with your group, start in Missile Launcher Mode. Pump out damage with Orbital Strike and Mine Ring. Also use Missile Salvo until you’re out of rockets before switching to Plasma Rifle Mode. Use Plasma Stream and follow it up with Pulse Shot to reset the cooldown of Orbital Strike for your next damage burst.



As a DPS class, we recommend damage-enhancing stats like Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance.

Ability Description
RapidFire Rapid Fire Inflicts X damage to enemies in a large area in front of the Gunner. Increases the Heat Energy level by 30. When overheating, Rapid Fire may inflict Ignition to the affected enemies.
PlasmaField Plasma Field Creates a force field in the selected area. The enemies in the field have their movement speed reduced by 70%, become unable to use Dash, and take X damage every second for 6 seconds. If Pulse Shot is fired at the field, a chain reaction is triggered that inflicts X damage to all enemies in the field. If there is not enough Heat Energy, it will inflict X damage. The chain reaction inflicts 200% more damage to shields.
PulseShot Pulse Shot Deals X damage to the enemy. When there is not enough Heat Energy available, it deals X damage. Deals 200% more damage to shields. Activates companion’s attack.
PlasmaStream Plasma Stream Focused beam deals X damage to the selected enemy over 3 seconds. Deals 200% more damage to shields. Plasma Stream leaves a residual charge in your weapon that increases damage dealt by the next three Pulse Shots by 160%. They will also reduce the cooldown of Orbital Strike by 5 seconds.
OrbitalStrike Orbital Strike Deals X damage to all enemies in the selected area and stuns them. The Gunner's attacks will deal 25% more damage to them for 10 seconds.
MineRing Mine Ring Places 3 charges around the enemy which explode in 3 seconds and inflict X damage. You deal 15% more damage to this enemy as long as they stay within the mine ring. The effect lasts 6 seconds longer if the enemy takes damage from the mine ring. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
MissileSalvo Missile Salvo Launches a projectile at the selected enemy that inflicts X damage. There is a 50% chance two rockets will be fired instead of one. The chance is doubled for targets affected by Mine Ring. Each fired rocket increases the damage of Missile Salvo by 9% for 3 seconds. The effect stacks up to 10 times. Activates companion’s attack. The attack continues for as long as the key is held down.

We’d like to thank our community for being fantastic as usual and lending a hand with this guide.