Meet the Kinetic!

Nothing can stop gravity, not even the gods. It is a force of great power, and those Immortals among us who are able to harness its power and put it to noble use are capable of changing the world for the better. More than anyone, these celestial beings understand that at some point as they face their enemies head-on, there may be nothing left but the laws of the physical world and desperate courage.

Asterius's Encyclopedia

Today, we’re excited to reveal the Kinetic, a master of gravity! The Kinetic class utilizes the force of gravity to disrupt and cause complete chaos among unsuspecting enemy ranks. Masterfully controlling the laws of physics to suit their needs, Kinetics are capable of ripping colossal stones from the ground and send them hurtling towards their target. Beyond using the forces of gravity to inflict incredible damage, Kinetics may also manipulate the very magnetic fields of Aelion, in order to restrict their enemy’s movements or enclose themselves and their allies in protective gravitational barriers.

Kinetics tend to prefer engaging in combat from a distance, using their main weapon – powerful Kinetic gloves. These gloves serve as a conduit and amplify the Kinetics’ energy levels and gravitational control capabilities.

Preparation is key to being successful with the Kinetic. When given adequate time to prepare, the Kinetic can easily render multiple enemies into piles of dust with just a few powerful blows. Once a Kinetic has stored enough energy reserves and reached the peak of their skills, they can chain their abilities together to create devastating combinations that can easily overpower and destroy enemies, quickly overcoming their armor and shields. While not very powerful on their own, even the Kinetic’s basic attacks render their enemies more vulnerable to the class’ subsequent abilities.


The Kinetic has numerous tricks at their disposal to help ensure the fight stays in their control. These manifest themselves in various forms of support and crowd control abilities for the Kinetic and their allies. When faced with opponents that venture too close, the Kinetic can push enemies back using a wave of gravitational force. In situations where maintaining a close distance to the foe is acceptable, a Kinetic may opt to place a field around their opponent, slowing them while simultaneously increasing their own speed and the damage output of all friendly Kinetics within the area.

When playing the Kinetic, you will find the class to be surprisingly mobile as there’s no need for you to waste time being forced to stay rooted in one location while pulling off certain attacks. Kinetics excel the most when they are able to stay mobile - constantly repositioning themselves around the battlefield while casting their basic attacks and remaining a safe distance away from their target.


Let’s take a look at the Kinetic's basic abilities:

1Kinetic Pulse (LMB) - Has two charge levels:
• Tapping the mouse button fires a single charge at the enemy that increases the damage dealt to them by fully charged Stone Projectiles.
• Holding the mouse button builds a Kinetic Pulse and propels a chain of 3 charges, hitting all enemies in its path.

2Stone Projectile (RMB) -Press and hold the right mouse button. Releasing the Stone Projectile, once it’s ready, will inflict significant damage to the selected enemy. Casting Stone Projectile consumes charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains additional bonus damage for each charge consumed.

3Gravity Trap - Suspends the target enemy in midair for several seconds. During this time, the Kinetic’s attacks against the trapped enemy inflict critical damage. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, it deals reduced damage to the Kinetic.

4Chain Gravitation - An energy charge strikes the target, inflicting great damage before bouncing to nearby enemies.

5Protective Shield - Creates a field that absorbs most incoming damage and protects the Kinetic against finishing strikes. The borders of the Protective Shield have two energy centers. Destroying them will disable the field.

6Quantum Collapse - Creates an unstable field in a selected area. After 2 seconds, the field explodes, inflicting tremendous damage to all enemies within the field.

7Sledgehammer - Charging their gloves with the energy of scorching plasma, the Kinetic engages enemies in hand-to-hand combat – inflicting enhanced damage with every strike.

8Luminous Burst - The Kinetic envelopes themselves in a protective shell that rolls the Kinetic forward and inflicts damage at the end of the roll. All enemies caught in the way are knocked back.

9Obliteration (Finishing Strike) - Lift’s the target enemy into the air before crushing them with stones - inflicting fatal damage. Can only be cast when the enemy is near death. Executing an enemy with Obliteration instantly restores 2 free charges of Luminous Burst.

10Seismic Explosion (Ultimate Ability) - Launching themselves into the air, the Kinetic explodes sending large shards of stone at enemies unfortunate enough to be in the area. Those left alive receive additional damage when the Kinetic lands back on the ground.

We have listed only a few of the Kinetic's abilities. Later on we will reveal a detailed list and description for all of the Kinetic's abilities on our website.

The Kinetic is a master of the art of controlling gravitational fields. With access to high burst-damage abilities and a wide assortment of utility-based skills for both himself and his allies, the Kinetic is quite capable of filling several rolls at once. In battle, Kinetic’s should focus on building energy reserves in order to inflict as much damage as possible in short bursts, or use their abilities at more tactical moments to better control the fight and disrupt the enemy’s movements. Kinetics who learn to read these situations will be appreciated by their allies for their ability to chain several skills together in various combinations to suit the situation at hand.


The road to mastering the Kinetic starts out easy enough, but requires a degree of finesse to properly execute. As players will discover, you'll will need to carefully weigh your options when choosing the Kinetic’s abilities and talents in order to match your playstyle and maximize the class’s versatility. Once player’s gain a firm grasp on all of the Kinetic’s mechanics, they will shape them into a fierce instrument of battle, capable of crushing anything standing in their way!