Lightbinder Class Guide

Lightbinders harness and wield the power of—you guessed it—light to support their party members and deal divine retribution to their enemies. While the Lightbinder is a support class, they’re more than capable of proudly standing their ground.


Lightbinders can dish out some serious damage when they’re not helping their party. Begin solo fights with Particle of Light and follow up with Sparks of Anger or Pulsating Flare until you gain the Triumph of Light buff.

Use Blessing of the Sun to boost your damage and unleash the wrath of the Lightbinder with the mighty Burning Stream (hold down RMB), which will incinerate your enemies.

Aim to fight with Triumph of Light as much as possible, but don’t forget about Blessing of the Sun! If you notice it’s almost ready again, try and wait to use it before unleashing your attacks.



Your main goal in group activities is to coordinate with your allies, support and protect them, and boost their performance. Empower your team with Flood of Light but make sure to align it with Blessing of the Sun to allow for some massive bursts of damage! Each damage burst will apply the “Weariness” status to your team, so when this happens you should switch to Pulsating Flare and until the weariness wears off.

Should your allies start looking worse for wear, come to the rescue with Unstable Shield. It will take the pressure off and grant them a damage absorbing shield for a time. If push comes to shove, your allies can always rely on your Sacred Barrier to protect them even from certain death. Lightbinders can even revive dead allies with the aptly named Rise and Shine.

When faced with more dangerous enemies, you can inspire your team by taking on the form of the Incarnation of Light which will boost the offensive and defensive capabilities of your entire group and even protect them from death.



While the Lightbinder is a support class, we suggest you focus on Main Damage and Companion Damage to help you out on your journey to Godhood and beyond!

Ability Description
PF Pulsating Flare Deals X damage to the enemy or increases the damage of the next attack of an ally. If the ally does not attack, the effect ends in 10 seconds. Pulsating Flare used against an enemy has a 10% chance to restore companion’s attack. When used on a friendly target, it restores 10 points of Light Energy. Has an 8% chance to apply the Triumph of Light effect to the Lightbinder for 20 seconds. Triumph of Light makes the next Particle of Light or Burning Stream free and increases their damage by 200%.
PoL Particle of Light In a 10 yard radius of the target, all enemies take X damage, and all allies have negative effects removed from them. Negative effects are also removed from the Lightbinder regardless of their position.
SoA Sparks of Anger Deals X damage to the enemy. Inflicts twice as much damage on targets with less than 50% health. Activates companion’s attack which will deal 2 times more damage.
US Unstable Shield Protects the target with a shield that absorbs damage equal to 12.5% of the Lightbinder’s health. The amount of damage absorbed is increased two times if the target is an ally and not the Lightbinder. Duration of the shield is 8 seconds. When the effect runs out or an enemy destroys it, it will explode and inflict damage to nearby enemies.
BotS Blessing of the Sun Increases damage dealt by you and your allies in a 20 yard radius 1.5 times. The duration of the effect is 7 seconds.
SB Sacred Barrier Creates a shield around the Lightbinder and every ally in a 20 yard radius in front of the Lightbinder. It absorbs incoming damage for 7 seconds and removes all negative effects. Once the ability is used, no one in your group can use it for 120 seconds.
RaS Rise and Shine Resurrects the selected target. Once the ability is used, no one in your group can use it for 10 minutes. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.

We’d like to thank our community for being fantastic as usual and lending a hand with this guide.