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Do you want to be amongst the first to play the Revenant on September 19th and get some nice goodies on top to kick things off? We got good news for you! The Revenant Quick Play Pack and the Revenant Collector’s Edition can be preordered starting on September 6th. But that’s not all! Both packs will go with a 30% discount until September 19th.


History of the Revenants

Time: the age of Aeli. The great war.

Since times immemorial, Aelion has been under attack by invaders from other worlds. The brave Immortals fight back against the invasions, but all their power is not sufficient. The united army of Aelion is having a hard time against the invaders, “mortal” population is slaughtered like livestock or harvested like crops.

In the time of all-out combat, a group of Immortals on a mission in a remote corner of Aelion finds an ancient tribe of barbarians never heard of before. It turns out they're also touched by the essence of immortality and have their own immortals that form their Council of the Elders. These Elders are highly proficient magicians serving as priests/shamans while at the same time functioning as the tribe's mightiest warriors. They returned to life after a glorious death in battle which makes the tribe call them “the Returned” or “Ghosts”. The tribes name derives from this: The Revenants.
This separate branch of Aelion’s children is of a barbaric and brutal character. They believe that the only reward is death, bringing peace and closure to every living creature's soul. While killing enemies, they think they're doing them a favor.

Ability Preview: Siphon


The first ability we want to show you is called “Siphon” and is also one of the Revenants signature moves. He draws life from his target with a 3 second channeling cast and draws his enemy to him. After 3 seconds the target will get knocked down and the critical hit chance on it will be increased by 20% for 10 seconds.

Note: The abilities are not yet final and may change before the Revenant is released.

Remember! The Revenant will hit the live servers on September 19th. The Collector’s Edition packs can be preordered from September 6th.