’s Content Creator Team: Now Recruiting!

Any video game has players that dedicate their time to making awesome videos, captivating livestreams to share their passion with the world. That includes our games! Are you just setting out, been doing it for a while, or are you a master of the craft? Whatever your level of skill, we have a place for you in our esteemed Content Creator Program! We provide support to help you cultivate your channel, grow your audience via promotion and hey, who doesn’t love some official giveaways?

Joining the Content Creator team gives you access to the following:

  • An internal Community Discord where you can have a direct line of contact with the CM's and other Content Creators!
  • We occasionally give our Content Creators some free stuff, for your own personal use!
  • Shout-outs on Social Media platforms for your streams and videos, just @ us in the Internal Discord.
  • The ability to do giveaways; never be shy to ask, but always have a plan ready! For example; 1000 Subscriber Milestone/Special Event.

What we expect from Content Creators:

  • Content! But do it on your own time. Let us know when you go live, when you'll be away from game and such! Keep us updated.
  • Have fun! As you create content, I'm sure you're passionate about it. Don't see it is a job, have fun with it.
  • Updates! We like to keep up to date with how you're doing, how your channel is doing. Let us know if you have any issues.
  • Feedback! We always aim to improve our Content Program. Don’t be afraid to speak up!
  • Interested? Good! Follow this link and fill out all the details, let’s see what you’ve got!

See you in game!