Skyforge Technical Beta Weekend Statistics

Exactly one week ago, we opened Skyforge’s celestial gates and invited players in North America and the EU to come test a limited portion of the MMO for the first time.

While this test only represented a small sample of the content that is to come players still jumped at the opportunity - logging some serious hours into the beta. In a little less than 4 days of testing, players from both regions managed to clock-in a combined 7,566 hours of play-time and slay 787,114 monsters! Some players went above and beyond our expectations, reaching prestige ratings in the 3000's range and completing up to 65 adventures on one character.

As you can imagine, the devs here at Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment now have mountains of data to comb through and in doing so they've managed to pull together a few of the more interesting post-TBT stats for you to digest:


Thanks again to everyone who participated, your detailed feedback and ongoing enthusiasm for Skyforge has kept us invigorated as we continue working hard on developing new content for the game. We’ve only just begun Skyforge’s testing phase and there’s already so much content left to show you. We absolutely cannot wait to kick off our next test event where we’ll get the chance to invite an even greater number of individuals into the beta and get them hands-on time with a wider range of Skyforge content.

Until then, we invite you to come discuss your thoughts on Skyforge by joining us on our official forums or by checking us out on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. As always, if you haven’t signed up for the beta yet you should definitely consider doing so!