myLoot Flash Sale - June 21, 2019

Immortals, got some unspent myCoins you need to burn? Well, for the next few days we have some valuable chests available on myLoot at a reduced cost, including a chest that is no longer available for purchase.

From June 21 to June 25, you can obtain Bronze (20% Off) and Golden Chests (25% Off) from the myLoot store at discounted prices, chalk full of various in-game currencies that will help you push your abilities even further!

For the duration of the sale only, we will also be bringing back the Mega Generator Chest (10% Off)! This chest contains various Sparks to help boost or alter stats on your equipment, but more importantly, it has a chance of containing a Large Argent Generator; a device that generates a daily dose of Argents for a total of 125,000 Argents!

Act quickly! Once this sale ends, the Mega Generator Chest is as good as gone.