myLoot: Knowledge of Enemies Sale

Hey there Immortals!

We hope you were able to get the most out of the Victor Medal sale, and are happy to follow it up with another sale of some of the most valuable currency on Aelion! From August 27 to September 4, myLoot will be offering a Knowledge of Enemy Bundle for an exclusive 30% Off, and just like the previous sale, you’ll receive an increasing discount the more packs you buy!


Knowledge of Enemies is a highly valuable resource used to further develop the Tower of Knowledge, an important structure on Aelion that will boost an Immortal’s Might the greater its rank. Developing the Tower is vital to your growth and will help you to further improve your skills and abilities. Don’t forget that some of the achievements obtained in the Hall of Trophies can help to boost the effects of the Tower of Knowledge even further!

Use your smarts and take advantage while you still can. Next week this opportunity will be as good as gone!