myLoot: Legacy Pack Sale #3


The Legacy Pack Vault has been opened once again and a variety of useful packs have been obtained from its interior, now available on myLoot with their prices slashed. You’ll even receive a handful of myCoins to sweeten the deal. Time to rise to new heights with this set of classic packs:

Reaper Hunter Pack

Become the exterminator every rat fears with the Reaper Hunter Pack! A pair of gruesome wings, an exclusive title, and a hefty bundle in-game currency available for 20% off. You’ll also receive 350 myCoins!

1 wings Withered Wings

credits 2,000,000 Credits

medals 6,000 Victor's Medals

Goliath Triumph Pack

Seize victory in the steely claws of this crimson combat suit now available on myLoot for 20% off! You’ll also receive 250 myCoins!

2 goliath Goliath Triumph Heavy Combat Suit

ecrystal 10 Energy Crystals

Combat Medic Pack

Being sold for the first time ever on myLoot, show your chops as a battle-hardened medical professional who has seen their fair share of grisly sights. Comes complete with a Biohazard Suit! You’ll also receive 300 myCoins!

3 bio Biohazard Suit

21days 21 Days of Premium Subscription

stim 10 Stimulants

Assistant Pack

Another pack finding its way onto myLoot shelves for the first time, the trusty medical assistant Vergil comes equipped with everything you need to effectively tend to your patients; and at 21% off that’s a steal! You’ll also receive 350 myCoins!

4 vergil Vergil Companion

stim 10 Stimulants

credits 1,000,000 Credits

medals 5,000 Victor's Medals

Act fast, as these packs will only be available on myLoot from June 4 to June 18, 12:00 CEST (3:00 a.m. PDT)! No need for a pack? Then check out our Knowledge of Enemies offer. Don’t miss your chance to grab this vital resource!


Don’t forget to check back regularly as more packs are brought back from the Legacy Vault at discounted prices!