New Horizons on April 9, 2019!

Immortals! We are excited to announce that our first update of 2019, New Horizons, is coming April 9, 2019.

With the first update of the year, we have a lot of information to share with you! There will be some exciting times ahead, and as such, we’d like to give you one of many sneak peeks at the latest update. Strap yourselves in, Immortals. It will be a long ride.

Key Features:

  • New Planet: Terra
  • Revamped Directives of the Council of Gods: This new interface will help you keep track of your daily activities. Most of them will be gathered here: bastions, battles, invasions, event quests, etc.
  • New enemies: Draconids
  • Revamped scaling and other gameplay improvements

We’ll reveal more information about the features as we move closer to the release. So keep your eyes peeled on our channels! We’ll kick things off with Terra, the new planet.

Planet Terra

Recently we managed to send a scouting probe through a mysterious portal. Today we received the results. The probe discovered a new planet, and it looks like we are facing a serious threat! Volunteers are about to travel there to learn more about it and find a way to protect Aelion. It will not be an easy trip - judging by this new data, our pioneers will have their hands full. The signal from the probe is unstable, which makes it difficult to obtain accurate data, but some things are clear now.

Pictures of the planet surface show ruins of cities and lifeless wastelands. Preliminary measurements indicate that air pollution levels in certain parts of the planet exceed safe limits many times over: perhaps a war took place there. But who were the warring parties? That we will have to find out.

A significant part of the land is covered by jungles, inhabited by a familiar enemy, the Phytonides. We spotted large clusters of their forces here, and it appears that this planet is where they build their ships and armies. This threat must be eliminated at any cost, or else we will not be able to stop the Phytonides from invading Aelion!

To top it all off, the probe intercepted messages in an unknown language, and later its camera captured a strange-looking ship. Following it to the landing zone, we discovered a base of a previously unknown race. We need to scout out the area and collect as much information about the potential enemy as possible.

We should be prepared for anything. This time the development of the new planet depends only on immortals!


On this mission, you will have no one to rely on but yourself. The future development of the planet depends on immortals. First, you must gain a foothold on the surface, reinforce the defenses of the base station, and activate the expeditionary program. Study the new planet, unveil its mysteries, reinforce the base, and change the world around you!

Programs are a new game mechanics that allows immortals to manage the development of the new planet. By upgrading programs, the people of Aelion can further research the area and change its appearance. They will unlock new story chapters, secret and special missions, adventures, and of course, rewards.

During the first stage of development, only one program will be available to you, but as you explore the planet, you will unlock more of them. When additional programs are unlocked, the most active Pantheons that put the greatest effort into the development of the planet will be able to become curators. Stations involved in a curator Pantheon’s programs will bear its colors, and the members of the Pantheon will receive extra rewards.


Of course, there will be various missions, some of them familiar and some less so, and you will have to discover those first.

Events and missions will be changed and updated as immortals continue to develop the planet. Some missions will appear depending on the stage of the current program, unlocking new story chapters and adventures.
Missions that seem easy at first glance will be changed, and you will face new threats.

We are taking our first step on this new path. And this path will be exciting and challenging!