Journey of the Divine Now Live!

We are very excited to announce that Journey of the Divine is now live! All players may begin downloading the update and jump into the world of Skyforge to experience all that this update has to offer.

With the arrival of Journey of the Divine, players will be able to battle Invasion Avatar allowing them to further advance their Divine Form through Divine Specializations. These powerful specializations can be accessed only by those who successfully vanquish the deadly Avatars during Invasions. Additionally, players will be encouraged to help their young comrades in the new Pantheon Academies! New players in an academy, and the Pantheon itself, can earn great rewards as the player progresses, allowing mutual encouragement from both parties to unlock their godly powers.

Journey of the Divine Recap:

If you didn’t catch them the first time, you can view the entire list of changes and bug fixes in the Journey of the Divine Patch Notes.

Journey of the Divine brings many useful quality of life improvements and various additional features that help expand players overall potential. The Skyforge Team continues working diligently to ensure that much of the community’s feedback continue to be implemented as quickly as possible. Successfully evaluating and developing this feedback into a usable format takes time, however we’re happy to say that our use of this valuable feedback will be much more evident in the coming weeks…more on that soon!

From all of us here on the Skyforge Team, we thank all of our players for your continued dedication to Skyforge and hope to continue receiving all constructive input far into the future!