North American Pantheon War Activity Adjustments

As the next and final phase of the Pantheon War Tournament activates tomorrow, February 24th, we’ll be taking the opportunity to adjust the days that all Pantheon War related activities occur. More specifically, each activity will occur 2 days earlier on the North American server to allow better planning, organization, and participation from a larger number of Pantheon members. The actual time the activities occur at will remain the same. Full list of days and times is available below.

Activity Day & Time
Auction Thursday at 7pm PST
Round 1 Friday at 8:30pm PST
Round 2 Saturday at 8:30pm PST
Round 3 Sunday at 8:30pm PST
Tessa Battles Every 3 days following the completion of the Celestial Temple Battles at 12pm PST

We're looking to edit the times the Pantheon Wars take place at and need your feedback to assist us at making the final decision! Please head over to our North American Pantheon War Times Poll thread on the forums for more information and to vote.