Week in review – The Pantheon Wars

The first week of the Pantheon Wars is over and it’s time to wrap things up! 19 Pantheons already joined the PvP Competition and 13 have illustrated themselves in PvE competition!

What was the first week like for the Pantheons? So far only 3 Pantheons managed to clear the A 1-4 distortions on the first day, taking a clear lead in the Golden League race: Exile, Superi, and Aurora!

But watch out for Legion of Archangels as they sit just below a flawless score and Snowflake Down who will certainly be putting up a fight in the future. The Gold League is still clearly in reach!

Striking first place is Exile, who even managed to kill every monster on their first attempt! Let’s see how they feel about such an admirable feat!


Exile: “You have to organize your teams!”

Pantheon Wars at the moment requires perfect coordination in terms of forming teams. We got PvE down first because we were able to organize it first. For PvP it's the same thing. You have to organize your teams, and balance them out. You can't have just one dominating team and leave the others behind in this kind of format. Most of our teams are winning a majority of their fights right now, because we formed internal teams based on their time eligibility to play, with most teams able to play around the clock.

The Pantheon Superi managed to secure rank 2 in both the PvE & PvP Ladder. We asked Viraxon Yurkovian of Superi what he had to say:

Superi: "The PvP Side of Pantheon Wars is really crazy"

The PvE aspects of Pantheon Wars has been going really well. The content is on par with what I'd expect, and the Pantheons that have already downed it are the best of the best. The PvP side of Pantheon Wars is really crazy right now, coming down to who can make the most viable teams out of their Pantheon. We've been getting the most trouble from No Mercy and Exile, but overall the fights and strategies coming out of the PvP side of Pantheon Wars has been really intense up to this point.

Next week will be even more challenging as “B4: Dangerous Greenhouse: Nephelis” has not been defeated by anyone before and many Pantheons are still facing difficulties in this distortion class. If you are curious about the result of those epic battles, be sure to stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!