Oceanid Invasion is underway


The invasion of the Oceanid army has begun! Enemy scouts have been spotted near large Aelion ports. Over time, more and more creatures will appear. Young gods will face experienced soldiers. They will have to repel attacks in the regions, defeat new distortion generals and fight the avatar of a great god who has returned to Aelion with new forces.


New adventures and difficulties

Eleventh generation equipment has become available with the start of the new invasion season. To obtain it, complete adventures in Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands and Operation Isabella at current difficulty levels.

Besides defending your home planet, you should also attack enemy bases, ruthlessly eliminating the generals of the invading army. You can find the first one in the Onslaught of the Sea: Lorro the Cold distortion.

The following adventures are now available: Screening Field Generator and Helping Hand. Don't forget that in these adventures you can receive epic items of the previous generation.

Flavius’ Laboratory and Bastions

The start of the eleventh season adds new bonuses to Flavius's Laboratory and increases the amount of Might that can be gained from Bastions! You can now gain up to 30000 points of Might from each structure. Additionally, the maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge that can be reached via the catch-up system has been increased to 110.

New difficulties for group adventures will be unlocked over time. To defeat all the Oceanid leaders, you will need the latest and most powerful weapons, so young gods will have to acquire eleventh generation equipment.

Region Invasions


Just like demons, the enemy decided to use new tactics. In the first part of the invasion, the Oceanid army will try to capture and flood one of the open regions of Aelion. The invaders will deploy a large force to overcome any resistance and set their plan into motion. But Tol-Monter is impatient, and if his minions do not succeed within 7 days, the Oceanids will attack another region. Templars will try and contain the threat, but they need your help. Protect mortals, attack the Oceanids and make sure they do not spread their influence further! You will receive credits, Knowledge of Enemies and rare current generation equipment.

Tol-Monter’s Avatar

Distortions will be unlocked gradually, and Tol-Monter’s Avatar’s Avatar will land on the planet within the 3rd week. You will have enough time to get ready to meet these terrible enemies. From now on, distortion generals and the champion version of the avatar have a small chance of dropping legendary jewelry of the current generation!


Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get Avatar Trophies for completing the invasion avatar's training challenge for the first 1-4 runs! Defeating the avatar in the champion challenge can get you 1–6 trophies if your character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations for trophies. Obtaining the sixth avatar trophy will give you access to higher divinity.

Fight, win, and destroy the enemies without mercy. Show them that they are not welcome here!