Warm Summer’s Breeze Event

A warm breeze is blowing its way through Aelion, with gods and mortals alike joining together to celebrate the Summer holidays! From August 7 to August 20, you can blow off some steam by competing against your fellow Immortals in a thrilling Roller Derby, or meet up with grateful followers who wish to express their gratitude for all you’ve done to keep them safe. Throughout the course of the event you can even earn Summer Coins that can be used to purchase plenty of seasonal themed prizes! Rewards to be earned and fun to be had so take some time to relax and join in on the festivities!

Competition: Warm Breeze

To celebrate the Warm Breeze holiday, the people of Aelion have built a challenging race track for Immortals to show off their skating skills. Amazing prizes can be expected for those who prove their abilities by completing various challenges on the track. Finish first in a competition race and you can win a Yellow Hoverboard, perfect for a leisurely cruise around the beach!


Happy Hours

Join in on the competition races during specified happy hours and you will receive Summer Boxes full of unique Summer treasures!

  • 12:00 → 12:59
  • 16:00 → 16:59
  • 19:00 → 20:59

Login Event: Summer Get Together

Every day when you login, head over to Aelinar Park to meet with your adoring followers and receive heartfelt letters from the grateful individuals you fight to protect each day. They’ll even throw in an offering of 100 Sunny Coins with their letter!

Brand New Summer Rewards

Plenty of new rewards are available in exchange for the Sunny Coins you’ll earn participating in the Summer Events! Brightly colored tribal masks and a brand-new line of swimsuits are just a few of the items available:


Wishing you all the best for the Summer season Immortals!