Operation Hyperion: Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our community event Operation Hyperion: Code Red! Certain doom has been averted, and the Hyperion and Aelion will live to see another day thanks to you.

Special recognition goes to the following Immortals who delivered all five codes first. Each winner will receive their choice of one Legendary weapon!

PC - EU PC - NA PS - EU PS – NA Xbox Nintendo Switch
Adair Stallone Laurania Chillwind Ombrelande Darkhunter36 CloutierFamily Phen Anthrène
Gale Silverstorm She Bem rychu017 Zectra_Blink IrksomePegasus4 Lord Greeny
Jynn Zemxil Rainbow Rekt I9_Nexus_86 Imma Inferno IceCold Eh Captain dutch
Alessandro Costa Elpis Wish H3lld0n_89 WhyEarl Punicher63 Telie Esyn
Legion Commmander Alsajib Leo Ronas153 LockableOx29462 Gotta Killdemall
Shuang Dashan Bluebudge nomelandvalle MiSs PhenixX100 Nepeta Cataria
Plasthicc Xander Earthspirit Knight LTN-Shalo MoMosMacaron Grand Kock
Lilith Mensen Just Cujo Iownallnoobs32 Naughty Senpai
Najenda Mizuno Adelram Rahho Tacota Yew
Inigo Maio Lady Kenna Billy Croford

In total, 68 Immortals heeded the call of duty and all will be rewarded with their share of 100,000,000 Credits (distributed equally among them).

May your heroic deeds be remembered by history, brave Immortals!