Pantheon War: Additional Notes

You’ve sharpened your blades, cracked out your most pristine spell-book and polished your armour for the Pantheon Wars, yet are you absolutely certain of what it takes to achieve victory out on the battlefields? Well, here’s a brief look at the win conditions so you know what is expected of Immortal champions, and that everyone is up to speed before the season has ended.


Firstly, the win conditions for a war are not based upon the number of maps won. Instead, it is based on the Victory Points that are calculated in the background. So, how are they acquired?

  • Temple Tower – 375 points = 1 VP (Max 4)
  • Temple Gates (CTF) – 1 flag = 1 VP (Max 3)
  • Bridge to the Temple - 2000 points = 1 VP (Max 4)

The winning team will be the one that acquires more VP than the opposition. However, in case of a VP-point draw, the defending team will be declared the winners by default. In short, neglecting objectives are a sure-fire way of throwing victory to your enemies, so it is up to you to work together in securing your objectives and preventing your opponents from achieving theirs.


In addition, we’re aware that players with battlemounts and golems have opportunities of one-shotting enemies – an issue that is currently being reviewed by the developers. We hope to have more details on this as soon as it has been fully investigated and/or remedied.

Until then, we give a huge salute to all participants and wish everyone the absolute best of luck during the Pantheon Wars. Fight well, Immortals!

-The Skyforge Team