Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 12/11/2015

We've hit the Pantheon War's second week and it's time to check out the latest happenings! We're up to a whopping 32 Pantheon's battling it out in the PvP Competition and 20 are taking on the Distortion challenges in the PvE competition!

Things are heating up in the second week of PvP as Exile has lost a bit of their lead, ending this week with a lower total than before! While they remain ahead, only time can tell how long they'll be able to maintain it. No Mercy, The Real Gods, and Spy Oculat, have all dropped out of the top 10, being replaced by Vashta Nerada, Havoc, and Lux Aeterna. The balance is always changing, and these new arrivals to the top will need to keep it up if they want to ensure a slot in the Gold League!

On the PvE front, both Eterna and The Real Gods continue their battle against the Distortions, maintaining their spot while more than doubling their past scores! Unfortunately, we temporarily bid farewell to Win Or Lose we Booze & Old Timers Guild as they have managed to be overtaken by rising super stars Vashta Nerada and Filth and Debauchery.

We take a moment to ask Savage Reign from Filth and Debauchery how they feel about their newly found spot as rank 10 on the PvE Leaderboard.


Filth and Debauchery: “Alter previous completion strategies”

On the matter of Rated Distortions it is important that the players recognize going in that the health of the enemies are increased quite a bit, and be prepared for potentially a much longer engagement than in the normal Distortion clears. In addition I would advise everyone be prepared to alter previous completion strategies based on this longer engagement time frame.

We were curious how Exile felt about their future in the Tournament after their point decrease since we last spoke. This is what George Glass had to say on the matter:


Exile: "We'll surely widen our lead!"

We've been working on setting up more efficient teams with people who are online at similar times since most of them were thrown together carelessly. Once these members come off the team formation cooldown we'll surely widen our lead!

There's still plenty of time left to get your spot in the Gold League and gain control over one of the magnificent temples that reside within. In the mean time, be sure to stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!