Pathfinder Space Packs

Rejoice, Immortals. As proven by your recent space-faring exploits, excursions and expeditions on Thea, Aelion is clearly on the cusp of pushing into a new era of interplanetary travel. Whether for security reasons or for sheer space-travelling curiosity, many of you have been touring the surface of our moon and keeping us safe from all the dangers that lurk within its shadows – yet are we truly prepared to take the next step and see what else resides within the cold recesses of space?

It is simple questions like these that cause Flavius to gain all manner of new ideas, resulting in his latest projects – the Pathfinder Manned Space Module and the Pathfinder Space Suit.


After extensive study of your findings on Thea, Flavius immediately began developing new state-of-the-art space tech – jet wings that provide exceptional manoeuvrability and allow the use of abilities without dismounting, and a surprisingly flexible, durable and classy spacesuit to match. Should the day arrive when Aelion is required to push past Thea and explore other corners of space, it will be a great help to have all our Immortals prepared (and comfortable).

Introducing Space Packs – a chance to get your hands on your very own jet wings and spacesuit, as well as valuable resources and currencies that can be used to stock up on everything you need for your upcoming adventures across Thea and beyond.

Coming in three forms – the Space Traveller Pack, the Space Technology Pack, and the 2-In-1 Combo Pack – you’ll have ample opportunity to either grab your individual tech of choice, or snag both with a saving of over 50% on the cost of their items. These packs will be on sale from the 31st May to the 14th June 1am PST of – don’t miss out!


NOTE: You can only buy the pack directly via the payment form on the website. This service is not available via the terminal or with in-game resources.
No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed safe and secure space-ventures thanks to their contents. Stay safe out there!


-The Skyforge Team