[PC] Get 50% off Class Packs Until March 2

Wondering which class to go for next in your journey to ultimate Godhood? Well, you’re in luck. Class Packs are half price in the in-game market until March 2—so you could even treat yourself to a couple of them! Each pack comes with a class unlock, a Legendary Weapon for it, and 7 days of Premium time so you can get the most out of your new class straight away.


Will you brute force your way through Aelion as a Knight or Grovewalker, or do you like to get up close and personal like the Monk or Berserker? Maybe you like to rain hell down on enemies from afar with the Gunner or Archer, or perhaps you just want to rock out as Soundweaver. There are 15 classes to choose from and a world of possibilities:

Soundweaver Pack
Cassiopeia, Rhythm of Stars
Berserker Pack
Pherox, Rage of the Ancient
Archer Pack
Selestin, the Lord of Winds
Knight Pack
Honor and Dawn, Heart of the Brotherhood
Grovewalker Pack
Amphietes, Eternal Summer
Revenant Pack
Koher Mortem, Beyond the Veil
Gunner Pack
Taigette, Last Dogma
Outlaw Pack
Tal’Ron, Thunder Strike
Alchemist Pack
Avicenna, Mark of the Alchemist
Monk Pack
Aeris, Dance of Elements
Necromancer Pack
Charon, Dark Companion
Slayer Pack
Tenebris, Claws of the Beast
Firestarter Pack
Pyro, Wanderer’s Flame
Warlock/Witch Pack
Cassandra, Ancient Mother
Kinetic Pack
Tal’Ron, Thunder Strike

Don’t miss out—the sale runs until March 2 in the in-game market. If you need to top up your Argents to make the most of this deal, then look no further.