[PC] Promotion: In the Name of Nature

The Cyber Trewang is a masterpiece of innovation which combines the properties of both mechanism and organism. Many were in awe of these scientific achievements, but many were outraged by the human interference in nature. Animal rights activists have now broken into Flavius’s research complex, taken most of the beasts, and abducted a number of scientists.

Flavius hopes that you and your Adepts can bring this whole business to a swift and peaceful resolution. From February 26 to March 12, you can get a Cyber Trewang mount yourself and see what all the fuss is about. You can also earn a ton of new relics for your Adepts.

Adepts may bring wild seeds from their journeys. 500 seeds can be exchanged for a legendary relic: Mysterious Symbol, Deserter's Backpack, Ritual Sickle, or Great Tree Sapling. Once you have all the relics, you can exchange the seeds for Victor’s Medals. When the event ends, the remaining seeds will be automatically converted to Victor's Medals.





To take part in the In the Name of Nature promotion, open the Event interface (press the 9 key on PC. For you newer players out there, don’t worry—you’ll unlock these events as you progress through the story!