[PC] Try Your Luck With the King’s Ransom

Are you feeling lucky? The King’s Ransom returns to Skyforge with a bit of a twist—instead of scratching tickets with Argents, you’ll use Victor’s Medals instead!

Until March 1, you can get rewards and try your hand at the grand prize by spending Victor’s Medals to buy lottery tickets. The starting jackpot is 200,000 Credits and each ticket costs 50 Victor’s Medals. The grand prize grows by 5,000 Credits with every 3 tickets purchased by players! Once a player wins the grand prize, the jackpot returns to its starting value and the game starts again.

Not only has the way you buy the tickets changed, but so have the prizes you can win:

  • 350,000 Credits
  • 55,000 Credits
  • 30,000 Credits
  • 1 Stimulant
  • 3000 Knowledge of Enemies
  • 500 Knowledge of Enemies
  • 300 Knowledge of Enemies
  • 3 Eidos Replicators
  • 1 Eidos Replicator

Go to the Market (press the ‘N’ key) to claim your King’s Ransom before the event ends on March 1. There is no limit on how many cards a player can open, so spend to your heart’s content!