[PC|PS|XBOX] Pantheon Wars: Compendium Packs

Pantheon Wars have made their glorious return on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox with fortnightly battles occurring every second Sunday from September 26. Throughout this Season of Pantheon Wars, you’ll be able to purchase special Compendium Packs in-game, containing rare content like Costumes, Mounts, and Exoskeleton Modules themed to the color of your Pantheon.

100% of the Argent value of every Pack sold will go into the prize pool and be awarded to the ultimate champions at the end of the Season!

Pack Name Contents
SPACE FRONTIER (3,000 Argents) 3-day Hyperion Lease Contract
SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION (3,000 Argents) • ‘Tribute of Respect’ Tattoo Set

• 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies

• 500,000 Credits
ACTIVE CONTRIBUTION (10,000 Argents) • Genesis Costume (Pantheon Colors)

• Skater Goggles

• 1,000 Victor’s Medals
GOLDEN CONTRIBUTION (20,000 Argents) • Leader Super Glider (Pantheon Colors)

• Epic Relic (adds 5% to Faith gathered by an Adept)

• Wings of Vows (Pantheon Colors)

• 1,500 Victor’s Medals

• 30-day Premium Subscription
PLATINUM CONTRIBUTION (25,000 Argents) • Melee Exoskeleton Modules Set (Pantheon Colors)
o Cuirass of the Undying (Base)
o Steel Grip (Arms)
o Boots of the Undying (Legs)
o Celestial Embrace (Back)

• 3 Sparks of the God Killer (deals additional damage to Gods)


Get your Compendium Packs today and hit the battlefield in Pantheon Wars!