[PC|PS|XBOX] Pantheon Wars Now Live!

This is war! Put on your best gear and get ready to rumble as Pantheon Wars makes its glorious return on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox! Battle every second Sunday from September 26 for cosmic rewards and a huge prize pot of Argents. For more details about starting times and to join a Pantheon, visit the official Skyforge Discord.


Pantheon Wars are massive PvP events where huge teams of players can join forces in Pantheons (similar to guilds) to fight against other Pantheons. A maximum of 30 Immortals per team can compete in PvP trials where, to attain victory, Pantheons must engage in combat and contend to seize control of a region.

Claimed regions can generate income and unique rewards for members of the victorious Pantheon, and certain regions have a higher League ranking than others, with ownership of higher-ranking territories in the Gold League being more beneficial than lower-ranked territories.


Your Pantheon will be rewarded with treasures such as Argents for each victorious battle, and there will be a huge prize pool of Argents to be earned by this Season’s victorious Pantheons accumulated from sales of Compendium Packs. The base prize pool is 10,000,000 Argents - how high will it go? Champions will also be able to change their Gold, Silver, and Bronze Hyperion modules.



First, you need to join a Pantheon. If you’re struggling to find one in-game or among your own friends, you can join the official Skyforge Discord server, where plenty of fellow Immortals may also be looking to team up! Once you’ve joined a Pantheon, play Skyforge during scheduled Pantheon Wars, and go to the dedicated menu tab to take part.


It’s been a while since we hosted Pantheon Wars in Skyforge, and we’ve made a few changes to improve your experience:

  • Number of Participants and Territories: To allow more Pantheons to participate in these epic battles, we’ve reduced simultaneous battles from 3 to 2. The number of participants on the ‘Temple Gates’ map has been increased from 10 to 15. Thus, to participate in the war, a Pantheon only needs to put up 30 fighters instead of 40.
  • Purchased Territories: To avoid a large number of purchased territories, we reduced their number in the Silver League from 20 to 8. Having fewer territories leads to more challenging battles, and a more fun and satisfying victory!
  • Divine Form Charges: The Divine Form provides a great advantage, and players who activate it can sometimes turn the tide of battle. Previously, any player possessing the golden node of the Aspect of Rage could assume their Divine Form at almost any time (not counting the 45-second recharge). We changed this so that now, to activate the Divine Form, you will need a special charge which the entire team will share. Both teams will start the battle with one charge, so try not to use it up too early or in vain.
  • Additional Charges: Look out for special points on maps. Activating one will give you an extra charge for your Divine Form. However, it takes about 5 seconds to activate, and you can be interrupted. These points can be activated no more than once every five minutes, so the team that gets to it first will have an advantage. Watch out for battles breaking out not only near beacons but also near recharge points!
  • Divine Weapon Activation: There are more dynamic changes that allow you to potentially affect the battle’s outcome. Look out for special objects you can interact with to activate your Divine Weapon instantly for an additional, short-term damage bonus for Mounts and players while the Divine Form is active. The bonus is short, but it takes no time to activate and needs only 90 seconds to recharge. Use this charge to counter enemy Divine Forms!

Ready to hit the battlefield? Pantheon Wars are now active in Skyforge on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S!