[PC|PS|XBOX] Phytonide Invasion: Get the Invasion Pass Today!

The deadly Phytonides are creeping into Skyforge in the Phytonide Invasion, live now on PC and coming to PlayStation and Xbox on March 25! There are tonnes of new Seasonal Challenges to overcome and a heap of new rewards to earn. Plus, when you purchase the Invasion Pass at 20% off, you’ll get the Grovewalker Costume as an instant unlock!

Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: PC: 31
PS: 25
Xbox: 21
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 1,382,600
PS: 1,064,600
Xbox: 852,600
PC: 1,311,600
PS: 993,600
Xbox: 781,600
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral (Soft Cap) PC: 1,369,600
PS: 1,051,600
Xbox: 839,600
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 340
PS: 280
Xbox: 240
PC: 327
PS: 267
Xbox: 227
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge (Soft Cap) PC: 338
PS: 278
Xbox: 238
Terra/Thea rank PC: 360-362
PS: 300-302
Xbox: 260-262
Avatar PC: 374
PS: 314
Xbox: 278
Trophy Booster Cap PC: 57
PS: 51
Xbox: 40


Complete special Seasonal Challenges to earn points throughout the Invasion and progress through up to 20 levels of special rewards, including exclusive limited-time items! Seasonal Challenges are divided into Easy, Normal, and Hard categories, and more will be unlocked as the Invasion progresses (in the first, third, and fifth weeks). You’ll earn more points when completing certain challenges within the first few days of each stage, so check back often to finish your Invasion Pass even faster!


Machavann is out for blood and revenge. You can challenge this formidable flora in the Invasion’s third week to claim its Avatar Trophy – and collect more Trophies to unlock Divine Aspects! This battle is a big one, but if it’s more challenge you’re looking for, Nightmare Challenges offer just that. Progress through them to earn Phytonide Eidos, and unlock special bonuses through the Invasion Atlas!



New special prototypes are now available in the Tower of Knowledge. What makes them special? They can be activated at the same time as normal prototypes! This will help you cope with the stronger enemies out there and get through nightmarish Adventures. You could get:

  • Invisible Barrier: damage redirected to you by other characters is reduced 2 times
  • Symbol of Faith: reduces the cost of all abilities that consume Faith 10 times (but it cannot be less than 3 points of Faith)
  • Improved Spark: Divine Form granted by a spark lasts longer. The timer is activated when combat starts
  • Battle Support: your support aura increases all damage dealt by your allies by an extra 20%
  • Symbol of Threat: you generate significantly more threat.

The Cathedral is also changing. Where previously you required more and more followers to reach the limit with each season, now you only need the same number of followers. However, the number of followers joining the ritual kept increasing to the point that development of the Cathedral was too fast. To correct this, the number of followers that join you after a ritual have been reduced. This doesn’t affect the catch-up system—once the catch-up limit has been reached, it will take you longer to reach the limit in the Cathedral.

1 3 Days of Premium Subscription
2 15 Eidos Replicators
3 Mythical Equipment Capsule
4 14 Days of Premium Subscription
5 Hyperion Lease Contracts (6-day)
6 15 Eidos of the Phytonides
7 1,000 Pure Matter
8 Divine Tattoos
9 • Forest Master Wings

• Portrait Gem
10 • Radiant Wolden Halo

• Improved Rebirth Flame I
11 • 15 Eidos of the Phytonides

• Portrait Underlay
12 • Improved Rebirth Flame II

• Improved Rebirth Flame III
13 Sparks Pack
14 • Peacemaker Costume (2 colors)

• Portrait Center
15 • Mirror Cube

• 1,000,000 Credits
16 Wolden Divine Form
17 • 30 Eidos Replicators

• 30,000 Knowledge of Enemies
18 Star of Rebirth
19 • Improved Flame of Rebirth IV

• Portrait Frame
20 • Machavann's Heart Crown

• Title: Eradicator

• Portrait Frame

• 3,000 Argents

• 3,000,000 Credits

• 3,000 Victor's Medals

Skyforge is free to play and available to download from MY.GAMES on PC, from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.