[PC|PS|XBOX] Phytonide Invasion Starts March 24!

An infestation is growing… With the Reaper Invasion’s departure, the Phytonides are taking root on Aelion! Plant your feet and fight back in the all-new Phytonide Invasion, launching March 24 on PC and March 25 on PlayStation and Xbox!


Take on new Seasonal Challenges by de-weeding Phytonides! There are Invasion-exclusive rewards to harvest this time around, with free rewards available to all players and even more premium rewards available with the purchase of an Invasion Pass.



Defeat these photosynthetic foes to unlock 20 rounds of exclusive, limited-time rewards, including the new Wolden Divine Form and the Peacewalker Costume. You can also get the Grovewalker Costume as an instant reward with the Invasion Pass, plus plenty of resources, currency, and other cosmetic and style items along the way!


Starting with the third week of the Invasion, the Phytonides’ Avatar will be available to battle. Bring down Machavann to claim his Avatar Trophy and tear his corrupting roots from Aelion!

It’s time for the Phytonides to make like a tree and get out of here. Challenge the Phytonide Invasion in Skyforge on PC starting March 24 and on PlayStation and Xbox starting March 25!