Prepare for Pantheon Battles!

Coming up on December 17th the qualifying phase for Pantheon Wars will conclude. At that time the next phase of the War will begin - Pantheon Battles. This will mark the beginning of the Auction, with territory-specific rates, after which the participating Pantheons will have to Defend and Attack Celestial Temples for the final battle.

Distribution of Territory

At the start of the Auction phase, Celestial Temples will be distributed among the community to Pantheons that have taken part in the PvP/PvE Qualification stage of the War. In the Pantheon Battles, a Pantheon will first defend the territory they’ve been made owners of. Eight (8) Pantheons will receive a Temple within the Golden League, while thirty (30) will receive a Silver Temple.

The distribution of territories and being placed into the best league depends on the total PvP/PvE rating obtained during the qualifying phase, and the overall rating of the Pantheon.
Pantheon Points will be calculated from the following:

PVE rating will play major role, PVP rating secondary role and prestige rating will be taken into account with small weight.

Pantheons! You still have time to fight for your position in the Rankings to become a contender for Celestial Temples. However, even if your efforts are not enough to merit Gold or Silver league placement – do not worry! You can still try to grab a territory away from its current owners.
Place faith in your assault, and build up your forces to defend your Celestial Temple. In an ideal situation where a Pantheon is both successfully attacking AND defending, that Pantheon will have the choice of either staying in their current temple, or becoming the master of a territory selected from your opponents. If you opt to stay with your current temple you will have the option of taking the riches residing within your opponent’s temple, or mercilessly burning it to the ground.

Skyforge Pantheon Wars Rating

Number of participants able to bid in the Gold League Auctions

As a rule, only the 10 best ranked pantheons in the PvP competition and the 10 best ranked pantheons in the PvE competition can place a bid in the Golden league Auctions.
For this first qualification round however, we have decided to increase the number of Pantheons able to bid in the Gold League to a maximum of 20 Pantheons per ladder. So up to 40 pantheons in total, based on the top PvP/PvE ratings.
Please note that for the next Pantheon Wars event this figure will return to its previous value, and placing bid in the Gold League will only be available to the top 10 Pantheons from PvE and PvP ladders respectively.

Good luck to all participating Pantheons!