Preview: Coming PVP Adjustments

Dear friends!

Good news: the Gods at War update is nearly complete! The developers set a goal of improving the rewards as well as finding a complex solution to the current PvP issues in Skyforge.

We want to let players feel the impact of their PvP activities without diminishing their PvE accomplishments. The old scaling system did not work: high-level players came out on top in PvP too often because of various bonuses. We decided to even the odds and added a special stat which would give an advantage in combat to active PvP players only.



This new stat grants a bonus to the character's health and damage in PvP. The maximum bonus can reach 35% to health and 20% to damage in the relevant season.

What does that mean?

Every invasion season, the maximum value of Honor will increase. So to get the maximum out of your equipment, you need to use items of the relevant generation.

How to obtain Honor?

You can add the new stat to equipment using stat replacement. You will need a special modifier which you can obtain as a reward for participating in PvP during Happy Hours.

For example, you have generation 12 jewelry with 12 Honor. It means that this PvP stat can be increased by 1 more point. You can't increase Honor any further after that. When season 13 starts, to get the maximum effect, you need to equip a generation 13 item and increase its Honor stat to level 14. Fortunately, the maximum value also increases with each new season. Thus the number of steps required to get the maximum effect remains the same.

How does Honor work in combat?

When entering a PvP adventure, characters get special equipment. It is endowed with the properties of jewelry and Stones of Power, and it also inherits the effects of legendary weapons and artifacts. So all characters become equal in power but retain unique effects which can be combined and adjusted to suit one's playstyle.



The update includes a system which increases rewards in PvP: Happy Hours. Several times a day, characters will receive increased rewards in PvP battles.

On weekdays, increased rewards will be available at certain periods of time for different adventures. For example, from 17:00 to 18:00 server time, the bonus may be active for Battle of Equals, then for Battle of Golems or massive battles. On weekends, it can be encountered in all PvP adventures.

During Happy Hours , rewards for PvP adventures will include Knowledge of Enemies and Battle Rewards in addition to credits. Battle Rewards are special containers with equipment that may contain the following items:

  • legendary weapons from collector's packs and distortions for 2 days, and the chance to receive a weapon for the selected role (attack, defense, support) will be higher than usual;
  • legendary artifacts for 2 days;
  • epic jewelry and Stones of Power;
  • from 1 to 3 PvP modifiers.


We also decided to make PvP rating more transparent and friendly to beginners. The ranking system has undergone a few changes.

  • Losses in the Bronze League have no effect on the character's rating.
  • Once you reach the Silver League, your rating cannot go below the threshold value.
  • The character's starting rating at the beginning of a new season has also changed. Titled PvP players will encounter strong opponents, and beginners will fight players who are equally skilled.
League Threshold before the update Threshold after the update Character's position at the start of the next season
Bronze 0 0 0 points, Bronze League
Silver 80 100 30 points, Bronze League
Gold 200 200 70 points, Bronze League
Ruby 350 300 150 points, Silver League
Diamond 600 400 250 points, Gold League

We have also updated the list of rewards for end of season placement. The number of medals has been increased, and there are also unique visual rewards.

League Reward
Bronze None
Silver 1000 Victor's Medals and a unique costume color option for getting into the league (changes every season)
Gold 5000 Victor's Medals and a unique companion (can be received only once).
Ruby 8000 Victor's Medals
Diamond 15000 Victor's Medals and a special color option for Tournament Armor (can be received only once).

We are certain the listed changes will be appreciated by all fans of PvP in Skyforge!

See you on the battlefield!