Promo: Animal Planet

Welcome back, Immortal! Thanks to you and your stellar research into the world of Aelion during the Cradle of the World event, Professor Homfy has made some rather astounding discoveries that may interest you.


Granted, they mostly concern the local wildlife that resides on Aelion, yet Aelion’s citizens – especially Immortals and even the gods themselves – have always had a knack for taming weird and wonderful creatures for all manner of uses, so you can imagine the excitement of taming completely unique animals from such a mysterious planet!


On that note, from August 25th to September 8th, we ask you once again to assist professor Homfy during the Animal Planet promotion and put your hard-working adepts to good use in return for a wealth of goodies – such as an appropriately autumn-themed costume, buckets full of valuables and currencies, a wild Nekis companion that will loyally follow you throughout all of your next adventures, or even the coveted “Fall Trewang” beast-mount to help you travel across Aelion in style, no matter the weather or season.

Please note: Using the Fall Trewang Totem requires a generation 7 Trewang's Idol. It was available during the Emerald Stream promotion, or can be purchased in the Hall of Trophies.


While we may have judged professor Homfy quite hastily in the past due to his rather unhinged ways, there can be no doubt that he keeps his word when it comes to rewarding those who assist with his work, so don’t hold back, Immortal – all these fantastic rewards await you, should your adepts choose to once again brave the mysterious planet of Aelion.

-The Skyforge Team