The Scouting in Tangria Promotion!

An extremely high spike of Mantide and Phytonide activity has been detected in the vast forests of Tangria. Templar forces are quite small in this region and there are almost no experienced scouts left on the mainland! Ianna is hoping that the Immortals will assist in the scouting the region while new recruits go through the necessary training.

Starting today, from April 13th at 12pm PDT to April 27th at 12pm PDT, the Scouting in Tangria Promotion comes to Aelion – Immortal heroes can complete missions to carry out this honorable service in name of the Templars!

Skyforge Tangria Promotion 1

Any Immortal that has reached 2,050 Prestige and has gained their own Order (L key) can take part in this promotion. Upon receiving Appointment Orders, missions can be launched for scouting for riches hidden within the vast forests of Tangria!

For their extraordinary service in their time of need, the Templars will be rewarding the most helpful Immortals the latest equipment used while scouting the dense forests of Tangria – the Glider Outrider & Scout Battle Armor! But that’s not all you can receive for your assistance:

  • Divine Amulets
  • Premium Account Status
  • Energy Modules
  • Holy Texts
  • Research Grants
  • And More!

Mission rewards can be full of surprises and if they manage to find some particularly valuable Intel, you can expect one of the following:

  • 1,000,000 Credits,
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Expedition Maps,
  • 500 Progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

Alongside the Scouting in Tangria promotion, we’re introducing brand new items to the Market – Development I and Development II systems! These marvelous creations of Flavius will be available for purchase with Victor’s Medals from the market’s Invasion tab and allow players access to previously closed Talent slots!

For additional information, feel free to check out our Scouting in Tangria Guide!

This promotion ends on April 27th, 12pm PDT. Good luck!

Skyforge Tangria Promotion 2