Promotion: Dance of Masks

Alcibiades is a god organizer. He knows a lot about social life and has no equals when it comes to organizing events. If you plan a party that will dominate the front pages of all newspapers in Aelion for a while, then Alcibiades is the person you need. Want an life-sized ice sculpture of a Kraken? A firework launched from the Celestial Fortress? A photo with Ianna? That's nothing for him!

But the one thing Alcibiades takes great pride in planning and arranging is the annual masquerade ball. That night, the cream of the Aelion society will be gathered in the walls of his magnificent palace – both mortal and immortal. Alcibiades personally inspects the guest list which is kept secret until the very last day.

The morning before the masquerade, the people deemed worthy by the god receive their invitations. The rest can only sigh in disappointment. They have to wait until the next year while trying to get the demanding host to notice them in the meantime.

This year the preparations for the masquerade ball is not going well – as though someone is doing their best to disrupt the long-awaited event. Alcibiades asks your adepts for help: there is little time left, and he does not want to lose face.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


  • The Chest of Ancient Gods contains a random generation 26 weapon for your current class.
  • Legendary Jewelry Box contains a random generation 26 legendary Stone of Power. You will not receive a duplicate item: if the character has collected all the stones, they will receive 2,000 Victor’s Medals instead.
  • This time you can use Victor's Medals to instantly complete missions!

The event runs from June 11 to June 18. To take part in the Dance of Masks event, open the special interface by pressing the 9 key.