Promotion: Mysteries of Immortals


From April 5 to April 19, help the residents of Aelion! Get new divine abilities, relics for adepts, and a new costume! To take part in the Mysteries of Immortals event, open the special interface which you can access by pressing the 9 key.

Aelion’s greatest treasure are immortals. And of course, every mortal secretly hopes they are destined to become one of the heroes defending this world who will live forever. Gods understand that immortality has its drawbacks and is not absolute, but common people still wish for it.

Fortunately or not, it is impossible to know in advance who carries a divine spark and who does not. Many tried and failed. Even Aeli would not dare predict this.

But there are people who try to profit from mortals’ desire to know their destiny. Recently, another scoundrel showed up, claiming that ancient gods had visited him in his dreams and bestowed the powers of foresight on him. However, he has no intention of using his gift for free, so he has been preying on gullible people for days now.

Ianna has no time to deal with these things, so she asks you to handle it.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards



Unique Rewards

Ether Leap

Removes all control effects from the character and teleports them to their current target. If no target is selected, the character is teleported 20 yards forward. Requires 4 points of Faith. Cooldown: 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Word of Life

Applies a healing effect to the character and all members of their group within 15 yards. The effect restores 20% of health over 7 seconds. Healing efficiency is reduced in divine form. Requires 10 points of Faith. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Legendary Relics

Ancient Tome

  • +9 to Perception
  • +2735 to Might
  • +3% critical damage bonus

Old Compass

  • +9 to Constitution
  • +2735 to Might
  • +1.5% to general defense

Frayed Map

  • +9 to Intelligence
  • +2735 to Might
  • +3% companion damage bonus

Engraved Bracelet

  • +9 to Agility
  • +2735 to Might
  • +3 main damage bonus

Each adept can use only one such relic.

You can receive up to 8 relics during the event — 4 in the first circle, and 4 more by using Relic Fragments. Once you have received 8 relics, the reward will change to 3 Special Focuses of Faith that grant 1000 Faith each.

To accelerate missions, use Intelligence Data or Argents. Intelligence Data can be obtained in PvE adventures: from 1 item for victory over the last boss in Squad adventures. Killing bosses in group adventures brings more Data. The reward size depends on the character’s and adventure’s current rank. The amount of Intelligence Data you can obtain is not limited. Once you have accumulated 3000 Intelligence Data, the chance of getting it will be reduced, and you will receive a smaller amount.

You can purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor in the Resources section of the Market. It increases the amount of Intelligence Data received for killing the boss in a PvE adventure.

New Costume